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Firstly I would like to apologize for being such a lousy moderator. I haven't quite filled my duty, but I promise that will change. You know, sometimes you just have those seasons when you barely have the time and mood, but that's over now. I hope. Anyway, I went through some fanfiction and other little James/Lily things you made and I have to tell you that they're great. Seriously! We've got some really talented members here! Anyway, I noticed that this community is pretty dead and I wondered why since James/Lily is such a great pairing and wonderful characters even if we don't know that much about them. I would like to ask for some help from all of you, because this is my first time maintaining a community, so I don't know everything. I was thinking about some challenges we might do and other things. Do you have any ideas on how to make this place better? If yes, please reply or contact me and I'll be forever thankful.


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