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Title: Rising from Embers
Author: shiiki
Rating: R

Summary: Against a backdrop of terror and hostility, Lily Evans and James Potter come of age in a world at war.

Seventh year is bound to be fraught with difficulties, but it is also a time for both to grow and learn, to rise to the challenges thrown their way, and to find their way to each other.

The sequel to From Ashes.

Warnings: The R rating is only for a bit of underage drinking in a later chapter; simply erring on the safe side of things.

Author's Notes: Yes, as the summary says, this is the sequel to From Ashes (which I posted earlier). It is still a WIP, with eleven chapters up and several more to come.

Read it here:

Chapter One|Chapter Two|Chapter Three|Chapter Four|Chapter Five|Chapter Six|Chapter Seven|Chapter Eight|Chapter Nine|Chapter Ten|Chapter Eleven|Chapter Twelve|Chapter Thirteen|Chapter Fourteen|Chapter Fifteen

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