Regulus Arcturus Black (lowestbough) wrote in cwm_jlp,
Regulus Arcturus Black

RPG in need of replacement Lily

I co-mod a great RPG called allinplaid and our Lily recently had to step down because of RL issues. There is a very basic plot she is involved in but it would be very easy to end that plot (even in a single post!) and then the new Lily would be free to do whatever they like with the character. My co-mod and I will totally help with this process, it'll be very simple, and we have a wonderful James needing his Lily who will be glad to help as well.

allinplaid is a highly active, well balanced, motived and friendly community looking for a new Lily. It is set in the Marauder Era, offers a fun and fresh first person format, and includes both Hogwarts students and the adults of the Wizarding world in equal parts.

If you're at all interested, come take a peek. Who knows, you might have been waiting you whole life to be dressed all in plaid.

Premise + Available Characters + Current Players + Rules + Application + Taken PBs + Friend Add

Any questions at all, contact Hannah at or leave a comment on this post. :)
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