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Title: Captured
Author: aquila_star
Pairing(s): James and Lily
Rating: PG
Summary: Just a Kiss. Jame's POV Companion to Caught

He could not believe this was happening.

It really was. One moment they were arguing, as they usually do, and they next thing he knows she's got her back to the wall and his lips are on hers.

A part of his mind has a vague recollection of walking towards her, of her backing away and of placing his hands above her shoulders against the wall, blocking her in. A part of him remembers the surprised gasp that escaped her lips a second before he pressed his on them.

He held her there softly with the pressure of lip to lip, losing himself in the sweetness of her, the way she held herself still, in shock, as if she could not really believe that not only had he kissed her, but that she was not stopping him.

He marvelled.

Her arms lay against the wall beside her, palms pressed into the cool stone; they were not pushing him away. He head was turned towards him, allowing him a better angle, instead of turned away, rejecting him.

The moment caught him up and spun him around, his mind whirling with the possibilities even as his feet stayed rooted to the stone below. He opened his mouth, sure that the movement would end it all and she would turn from him and spurn him again, slicing off another small piece of his heart, another piece to join those she had already destroyed. Didn't she realize that she was it for him? It with a capital "I." There was no other girl for him, no woman however beautiful could compare, nothing left for him if she never said yes. He was desperate to make her understand; the year was closing fast on him, their time together in this timeless place was ending and he was desperate, cold fear gripping him every time he thought of life away from the castle, life without her. Without the small joys of watching the morning light in the Great Hall create rivers of colour in her hair, the way her eyes sparkled with laughter, the special tone of voice she used only for him, scathing though it was, it was his. No seeing her at breakfast lunch and dinner, no more visions in the common room when for a moment he glimpsed the fullness of her vibrancy, her life, the sum of all her parts laid out for him.

His future.

He reached out with his tongue, swiping it softly along her bottom lip, gentle, persuading her to open to him, to let him in, finally after so many years of struggle. He was certain this is the moment it would end, this touch would awaken her and she would push him away, turn around and leave, never looking back. The seasons would change and he would loose her to the tide of time forever.

But she didn't push him away. She didn't duck under his arms and run.

Oh no.

She moaned.

A wisp of sound escaped her throat and that is when he knew. She had let go. She had given in to the inevitable.

She had let him in.

A rush of joy swept through him and he pressed closer, opening his mouth and pressing into hers, closed completely in his arms he held her, nudged up against the wall. He could feel the walls crash down as she twined her arms around his neck, as she pulled him closer. As he felt her body press against him he knew truly what this was. No schoolboy crush, no lustful infatuation.

He belonged to her.

Words drove up out of his throat into his mouth, but he swallowed them. Too soon, too soon to say what was on his tongue mingling with the taste of her, sweet and savoury and exquisite.

I love you.

I love you.

He swallowed the words and instead he kissed her, pressing into her fully now, clasping her in a grasp that was as timeless as the halls they roamed, and as fresh as the spring grass on the fields that surrounded the castle.

There was no return to his youthful innocence, in that moment he was a man. Just a man.

And she was his woman

x-posted just a bit. *blushes*
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